Three Goals Indonesia’s National Team Against Cambodia’s Resistance

Three Goals Indonesia’s National Team Against Cambodia’s Resistance

Indonesia senior national team managed to beat Cambodia with a score of 3-1 in a friendly match at Patriot Chandrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi, Wednesday (04/10/2017).

Red and White team goals scored by Lerby Eliandry in the 31st minute, Rezaldi Hehanusa (34 ‘), and Septian David Maulana (49’).

The only Cambodian goal scored by Chan Vathanaka in the 48th minute.

In the first 10 minutes, Luis Milla’s squad get a golden opportunity through first time kick Rezaldi Hehanusa, but still can be pushed over by Cambodia goalkeeper.

Septian David Maulana created chances in the 17th minute after passing through the defender of Cambodia. However, the ball results kick can still be pushed over the opponent goalkeeper.

Opportunities re-created in the 30th minute, unfortunately the ball placing Andik Vermansah still hit the crossbar.

Lerby Eliandry finally managed to open the scoring for Indonesia in the 31st minute.

His header was able to break down the Cambodian national team after utilizing the ball corner kick from Febri Hariyadi.

Three minutes later, Rezaldi Hehanusa managed to double the national team advantage through his goal in the 34th minute.

Rezaldi managed to maximize feedback from Andik Vermansah who previously did the acceleration to pass three defenders of Cambodia.

Until halftime, Indonesian national team winning 2-0 over Cambodia.

In the second half, Luis Milla rotates players by including Ilham Udin Armaiyn and Fadil Sausu to replace Taufik and Andik Vermansah.

Minutes early in the second half, the back line of Indonesia was off guard. Chan Vathanaka managed to use it to score in the 48th minute.

Score was changed 2-1 for the benefits of Indonesia.

Not long ago, Septian David Maulana widened the benefits of Red and White. Horizontal hard kick right foot Septian David Maulana managed to widen the benefits of Indonesia to 3-1 in the 49th minute.

After that, Irfan Bachdim and Evan Dimas put Luis Milla to replace Septian David Maulana and Lerby Eliandry in the 64th minute.

Luis Milla re-enter the players, Rizky Pora and Stefano Lilipaly enter in the 77th minute to replace Febri Hariyadi and Fadil Sausu.

Captain Indonesia, Fachrudin, was also replaced in the 79th minute replaced by Ricky Fajrin.

Stefano Lilipaly got a golden opportunity in the final minutes of the game. Unfortunately, his kick was still soaring.

Indonesia 3-1 advantage lasted until the final whistle match.

The composition of Indonesian national team starter against Cambodia:

Indonesia (4-2-3-1): Andritany Ardhiyasa; Beny Wahyudi, Fachruddin Aryanto, Ahmad Jufriyanto, Rezaldi Hehanusa; Taufiq, Bayu Pradana; Andik Vermansah, Septian David Maulana, Febri Hariyadi; Lerby Eliandry

Coach: Luis Milla

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