Paulinho Pinta Guangzhou Being ‘Flexible’

Paulinho Pinta Guangzhou Being ‘Flexible’
Paulinho asked Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao to act flexibly as he pursued a chance to join Barcelona, ​​claiming that he would agree to have his transfer fee cut Dadu Online.

The Brazilian midfielder revealed Barca showed his interest in him last month, with a proposal worth 20 million euros, but the Super League champion rejected the offer and was determined to keep their flagship player, who in his contract slipped a release clause of 40 million euro.

With Barca looking at the former retainer of Tottenham as their chance to get Marco Verratti from Paris Saint-Germain is closed, Paulinho hopes that his club will have a big heart to let him go.

“I’m a bit surprised that Guangzhou did not respond to Barca and it was finally revealed in a press conference that they rejected their offer,” Paulinho told the media.

“I can not speak to the club president because we are traveling to Bejing to perform, but I hope that if Barca arrive, Guangzhou will be flexible and the transfer process can come true soon.”

Although his deal at CSL is bigger than at Camp Nou, Paulinho says he dreams of winning the Champions League which he thinks is more meaningful than money.

He explained: “In 2011, when I was at Corinthians, I received an offer from Russia that offered a 10-fold win over Brazil and I replied: ‘What can I do with five, I can do with two.’

“Money for me is not the main thing. A player can earn money anytime. The important thing for me is still happy with the decision I take.

“China is now the king of money, but for me money is not a priority, so if Barca’s offer is less than what’s in Guangzhou, I do not think it’s a problem because I judge the options from my chances of appearing in the Europa League, surrounded by players great.

“The dream of winning the Champions League is something you can accomplish in Barca, and with the team that is there, I will achieve that.”

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