Mertens: I’m Just Trying To Kick The Ball

Mertens: I’m Just Trying To Kick The Ball

Dries Mertens explained what he was thinking when he scored an incredible goal against Lazio.

The Belgian is off the offside trap and Thomas Strakosha is trying to pick up the ball, but Mertens tries to launch a kick into the top corner that seems impossible to deny.

“I saw a ball in front and I just thought to kick it. I am very happy with this goal, but the most important is the victory, “he told the media.

It was also noted that Diego Armando Maradona had scored the same goal for Napoli in 1985.

“My goal is further than Maradona, so my goal is better! Seeing the goalkeeper run slowly to the front of goal and there is a little gap, then I say: kick the ball!

“To be honest, it’s also thanks to my teammates if I am capable of creating goals like this. I’m not Messi, Maradona, I’m just Mertens and I’m happy with this. “

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