Barito Putera Keeps Willian Lira Though Not Can Be Played

Barito Putera Keeps Willian Lira Though Not Can Be Played

Barito Putera brought 21 players on his trip to Lamongan. New striker Willian Lira participated although not yet played in the match League 1 cons Persela Lamongan host at the Stadium Surajaya, Friday (28/07/2017) afternoon.

The Brazilian must wait until the second round of League 1 begins. That is, he was able to perform starting from the 18th week, just as with other new players.

Coach Barito Putera Jacksen F Tiago has a strong reason insist on inviting the striker born December 9, 1993 is. Jacksen wants Lira to get to know the atmosphere of football in the country.

“It’s okay, let him see first and know how the atmosphere of football in Indonesia, so he understands. He has never played in Indonesia, “said Jacksen, Thursday (07/27/2017).

Jacksen hopes Lira can quickly adapt to the soccer culture in Indonesia so he can directly set and work optimally as a goal machine Barito Putera in the second round.

Moreover, added Jacksen, the time that new players have in the second round to adapt to strengthened teams, is less than the players who were brought in at the start of the season.

Former architect Persipura Jayapura also added that he was given a target by management to bring his team at least ranked fifth in the final standings.

“For the target of each game it does not exist. Just from the beginning of the competition, I’ve been given a target by management to bring Barito to finish in the top five in the final standings. So I need progress in that direction. One of them, the opponent Persela, “said Jacksen.

This match will be the first round cover for both teams. Barito currently ranks eighth with Raihan 24 points while Persela in the order to-13 with a collection of 21 numbers.

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