AC Milan is close to extending Donnarumma’s contract, but …

AC Milan is close to extending Donnarumma’s contract, but … AC Milan CEO Marco Fassone says his side are very close to the new contract extension for the young star, Gianluigi Donnarumma, despite the “hassle” with the player’s agent Mino Raiola Situs Judi Online.

Earlier, Donnarumma initially told Milan that he would not sign a contract extension, which expires in 2018.

However, the 18-year-old goalkeeper is said to be doing a “U round” or re-discussing a contract deal with AC Milan.

Regarding that, according to Fassone, the only thing that prevents Milan from retaining their valuable asset is Raiola.

Fassone says AC Milan’s door will always be open for Donnarumma.

“I have said that Milan’s door will be open if Donnarumma reconsider the extension of the contract,” Fassone told Corriere della Sera.

“He reconsidered and I feel we are very close to the players and his family, even if we do not want to use other types of compromises (with Raiola),” he said.

Gianluigi Donnarumma rescues AC Milan against Sampdoria in the Serie A party at San Siro Stadium, 28 November 2015. (OLIVIER MORIN / AFP)
Fassone said, in the near future, there will be decisions related to Donnarumma. He also admitted that there are agents who can influence the decision of players.
“I think within a day or two there will be a decision from the players,” he said.

“This decision was never made solely by the players, there are agents, in this case people who have their own ideas and beliefs are a bit far away from us, so I do not know what the final decision is,” Fassone said.

In addition, Fassone also said that his party still establish communication with Raiola, although admitted easier to connect with the family Donnarumma.

“I negotiated with Mino Raiola, I spoke several times a day, I repeat, I think that part of the deal on players and family is close, the others (Raiola) are more complicated,” Fassone said.

“Donnarumma is one of the best goalkeepers in the world, so releasing him at the end of the season will be a big loss.This is why I chose to continue speaking, even though at some point you have to ‘draw the line’ and can not overcome a healthy compromise,” he said.

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